Vigo headset tells you when you need a nap

Credit: Vigo

Being sleepy on the job is more than office workers dozing off at their desks. Some professions — for example, those that require driving long distances — are dangerous when workers get sleepy and can result in injuries and even death. The Vigo headset is looking to make a difference, and will not only alert you when you’re tired, but will also make recommendations based on how tired it thinks you are.

You wear Vigo like an ordinary headset. It monitors things like your eye blink patterns and lets you know that you’re tired, sometimes before you even realize it. Based on changes in your body, Vigo will tell you if you just need a cup of coffee, or if you actually need to rest for awhile. The headset connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and can also work as a standard Bluetooth headset for your phone. It comes equipped with an infrared sensor and accelerometer to determine your blink pattern and head movements, carefully measuring any variations. You can choose to have Vigo quietly nudge you awake when you start getting sleepy by choosing a wake-up song, a vibration, or a simple LED notification.

Vigo can even look at your daily patterns of dozing off and offer up recommendations to change your habits to help. Lose energy after lunch? Vigo might suggest a little exercise to get the heart rate up and the mind alert again. Get the mid-morning sleepies? Vigo might tell you to invest in another cup of coffee. Feel like you’re crashing later in the day? Vigo might recommend you take a quick nap.

Vigo’s Kickstarter campaign is well on its way to making goal. Just a $79 donation gets you a headset for yourself, which is expected to retail for $119. If you have a job where sleepiness is not an option, it’s a fairly inexpensive investment, especially considering that the alternative could be, you know, a catastrophic accident resulting in death.

Via Kickstarter

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