HP drags Windows 7 back from grave for new PCs

Credit: HP

The folks at HP have had just about enough of the beleaguered OS that is Windows 8. Complaints from users have finally reached a tipping point for the PC maker, making the company do something fairly drastic. Over the weekend, HP threw off the shackles of Windows 8 and planted its feet squarely alongside Windows 7.

Head over to HP's website and you'll see a banner declaring Windows 7 to be "back by popular demand" and offering you a savings of up to $150 if you choose Windows 7 as your OS when building a new desktop or laptop. As of the writing of this article, the vast majority of desktop PCs currently on offer from HP come with Windows 7 standard, with laptops split down the middle. If the laptop doesn't feature a touchscreen, chances are HP has slated it as a Windows 7 machine.

HP is so over Windows 8 that, if you navigate to the company's All-in-One PC page, the first computer you'll see is one running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. So it's not so much that Windows 7 is the end-all of PC operating systems, it's just that HP has decided not to bother defending Windows 8 any longer. With Windows 9 reportedly in the works and Windows 8.1 failing to boost Windows 8 PC sales, we can hardly blame them. You can still pick up a Windows 8 machine from HP, by the way. You'll just have to skulk around their site a bit more to find one you like, and pay a bit more for it when you do.

HP, via The Verge

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