Tandem electric car is like a road-going jet fighter

Car designer Charles Bombardier has an enviable job. He just lets his imagination run wild, creating all kinds of fanciful vehicle concepts. While he is the grandson of the founder of the Canadian jet manufacturer that shares his name, he is not employed by the family business.

The Arrow is Bombardier's idea for a commuter vehicle that combines the fun of a motorcycle with the weather protection of a car, along with the eco-friendliness of an all-electric vehicle. The driver and passenger sit in a row just like in a jet fighter, and there's even a jet-like retractable canopy. Power comes from a 30-kW dual-synchronous motor driving the rear wheels, supplied by a lithium/air battery that gives the Arrow a 370 mile range. Bombardier says that the cockpit area is based on a existing structure available from a California company, so building a working prototype should be relatively easy.

Overall, the Arrow reminds me of a cross between a 1950s Messerschmitt, and the Ariel Atom. It's a damn shame it's only a concept. At the very least, you can check out the gallery to see the pretty Arrow from different angles.

C. Bombardier, via CNet

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