Ford to show off C-Max solar car concept at CES 2014

Credit: Ford

Electric vehicles have made important strides in the realm of public opinion in recent years. Swappable batteries, faster charging times and ever-extending range have all helped the EV's street cred. but there still remains the worry of what might happen if you find yourself off-grid without any juice. A new concept from Ford has a nifty fix for those worried about taking their electric cars into the wilderness.

The Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept is the next logical step down the EV rabbit hole for Ford, which already markets a plug-in hybrid C-Max. The new concept does away with traditional fuel altogether, exchanging it for a roof full of solar cells. These cells are of a new design and more efficient than many already on the market. While collecting solar energy is still slower than plugging the car in, Ford believes that a day's worth of solar collection could charge the concept car just as well as a four-hour charge.

Ford goes on to say that up to 75 percent of all trips the average driver makes could be powered entirely by the roof-mounted solar cells, making the C-Max Solar Energi entirely free to drive most of the time. It also means that if you find yourself out in the boonies with no outlet in sight, you'll be able to get yourself back to civilization after a few hours. Bet your gas-guzzler can't say that.

Ford, via Clean Technica

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