AudioOrb is a musical retreat from the outside world

Credit: AudioOrbs

This is AudioOrb, a Plexiglas sphere that wants to whisk you away from the humdrum of existence for a while. Normally, a human-sized hamster ball might not be your first choice when you think of a way to get some relaxation, but with 18 internal speakers, AudioOrb is far from normal.

Stepping through a hole cut into the side of the orb, you'll first notice that you're standing on memory-foam cushions. Second, you'll probably notice just how well a sphere shuts out outside noise. When you turn on the sound system, chances are you'll forget about everything outside your little bubble of isolation, even if you can still see out.

Developed by the creators of the Wall of Sound iPhone speaker, the AudioOrb is one heck of an immersive speaker system. Developed by Scandinavian creative lab ST, there are only five AudioOrbs slated for production. Of those five, only two are currently available. They'll run you a cool $15,000 apiece and can be purchased through an Indiegogo page here. For that price, you could easily take a lengthy vacation instead of hopping into a sphere, but for those of you out there who really like your music, the AudioOrb provides one heck of an isolated listening environment.

Indiegogo, via Designboom

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