Audi concept car has headlights with frikkin' lasers

Paging Dr. Evil: your new car is here, and yes, it does have frikkin' lasers attached to it.

To kick the year off brightly and violently, Audi has opted to show off its latest technology not at a car show, but at next week's Consumer Electronics Show. The Audi Sport Quattro was first seen at the Frankfurt Auto Show four months ago, but now there's a new development on it called the Laserlight, featuring, you guessed it, laser headlights.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg from Audi's technical development department says that the car has four trapezoidal headlamp elements, and that all four handle both low and high beam duties. Low beams are handled by matrix LED diodes arranged in a ring around the perimeter of the lamp, while the laser high beam diodes are positioned in the center. He claims that the laser high beams can illuminate the road up 1/3 of a mile ahead, which should be far enough to catch a few deer crossing the road and flash-roast them before you even make it there.

So, that certainly sounds very cool, but if these make it to production, we wonder how we're going to stop the idiots from driving around with these things on in traffic, blinding everyone in sight? After all, they do always say that you should never look directly into a laser. And of course if you really want to make your car hard to approach at night, you'll want to combine these with Audi'slaser tail lights, as well.

Autoblog, via Jalopnik


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