Image of the Day: Earth from the Moon

Credit: Chinese Academy of Sciences

On Christmas Day, China's Chang’e-3 lunar lander looked up and snapped this picture of Earth from the surface of the Moon. This was taken just before the lander (and the Jade Rabbit rover) went to sleep for a few weeks to wait out the cold, dark lunar night. This week, both of the robots woke up again, and they'll continue hibernating on and off for as long as they last on the lunar surface, which is expected to be about three months for the rover and at least a year for the lander.

At the moment, China's robot are all we've got going on the Moon, and this particular view of Earth from the Moon hasn't been seen for 40 years, because our species has its priorities all messed up. I mean, come on, we're spending all of our money barely not killing each other (on a good day) as opposed to exploration and expansion of humanity. Yeah, we kinda suck like that, but at least China knows what's really important.

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Via Universe Today

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