This is the drone you're looking for (because you can afford it)

Credit: Kickstarter

It’s official: drones are everywhere. Not only are they fighting our wars and delivering our packages, but they’re also entertaining us in the form of toys. However, drones aren’t something easily accessible to the average person with no technical knowledge and a limited budget. Now, though, AirDroids has successfully funded a Kickstarter project for the Pocket Drone, which promises an inexpensive drone that anyone can fly.

The idea of Pocket Drone was such a novel concept that the Kickstarter project was fully funded in 24 hours. Pocket Drone promises that it’s ready to fly right out of the box and is small and collapsible so it’s easy to take wherever you want, fitting into a standard-sized backpack. It can also be flown via physical controller, smartphone, or tablet, and even has a “follow me” mode. There are GPS capabilities, including integrated flight planning via Google Maps. Pocket Drone’s hardware includes folding propellers, built-in landing gear and a swing arm. Finally, there’s a camera mount: imagine hooking up your GoPro and taking aerial photos of your neighborhood with this little flying machine.

Pocket Drone is also expandable: you can re-program the controller, add real-time video transmission and add goggles for a “full bird’s eye experience.” Built-in safety features protect both you and the drone (although it might be a good idea to learn about the FAA’s new safety guidelines for personal drones).

The most impressive feature of Pocket Drone, though, is its price. For just a bid of $495, you can have your very own drone, along with everything that it needs to fly. The Pocket Drone’s average flight time is around 20 minutes, the longest time in air for a drone under $500. That’s not a bad deal at all. Feel free to place your bid now.

Via Kickstarter

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