BMW unveils self-driving cars, Galaxy Gear smartwatch app for i3

Credit: BMW

Automakers from across the globe are hard at work preparing for the eventuality of the self-driving car. Depending on who you ask, we could see vehicles capable of doing our commuting for us sometime between 2015 and 2021. For BMW, the target date is the year 2020, and at CES 2014, the German car company revealed its first two automomous cars.

Two self-driving BMWs, a 2-series ands a 6-series, were rolled out at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and put through their paces. Each completed a slalom course and even showed off a high-speed turn on a wet roadway, as their "drivers" gleefully holding their hands up to the windows. There was also an advanced, self-parking BMW i3 capable of longitudinal as well as lateral guidance.

Another of BMW's automated advances comes in the form of an app for Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch for the BMW i3, which lets you use the smartwatch to control all of the car's functions. Everything from the car's internal climate to battery charge levels can be monitored from your wrist. There's even the option of sending your car a destination and having it plan out a route before you get inside.

All of these advancements are part of BMW's next generation of ConnectedDrive. With it, we could see cars capable of navigating any road condition or traffic pattern, parking for us, and even swinging by school to pick up the little brother all without a human behind the wheel. Once 2020 swings around the corner, we'll just might all find ourselves saving up for that autonomous, connected beamer that does all our driving work for us.

 , via Designboom

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