Toyota's new FT-1 concept car was first designed in Gran Turismo

Credit: Toyota

Hailed as the heir to the Toyota Supra's throne, the curvaceous FT-1 concept supercar actually began its existence as a digital creation for Gran Turismo 5. By the time Gran Turismo 6 came out, this unique concept had found its way into the hands of Toyota's CEO Akio Toyoda.

Driving the FT-1 around the digital track gave Toyoda the assurance he had been looking for and he green-lit the concept. That was two years ago, and now the FT-1 has finally appeared in the real world, at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. Since then, the concept vehicle has undergone quite a bit of refining and redesigning since its initial digital version was created.

Toyota isn't the only major automaker to turn to the Gran Turismo video game when looking to test its more fanciful creations. Recently, Mercedez-Benz debuted its own Vision Gran Turismo concept in-game. While neither car is slated for production as of yet, Toyota's FT-1 has at least made it out of the digital world and into our own.

If this trend continues, we just might see other vehicles hopping off the screen and into our driveways in the years to come. Thankfully, if you want a digital version of the Toyota FT-1, you won't have to wait quite that long. The vehicle will be made available in Gran Turismo 6 as a free DLC as soon as tomorrow.

Toyota, via The Verge

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