Digital Mother reminds you to brush your teeth and take your meds

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

We live in a fast-paced world. Sometimes, life is so hectic that we forget to do the little things that are important: brushing our teeth, taking our medicines on time, watering our plants, and so forth. For those who still live with their parents, moms and dads are great with reminders. But for the rest of us, we now have a digital Mother that subtly reminds us when we forget to do any number of things.

Created by, this Mother resembles a Russian nesting doll. Combined with a variety of apps, you can set it to monitor a number of things: how often you drink water, how often you need to take your medications, your home security, and even how often to brush your teeth. Mother comes with small wirelessly-synced trackers called "motion cookies" that attach to objects, such as your toothbrush and your medication bottles. These cookies come equipped with sensors and accelerometers that can tell if an object is picked up or if there’s a change in its environment. Forget to take your medication? The cookie attached to your pill bottle alerts Mother, who then reminds you. Didn't brush your teeth long enough? Mother will let you know.

If you have a variety of digital tasks you need to perform regularly, Mother will handle them. You can attach cookies to just about anything and can monitor room temperature, get notified if someone has come into your home, regulate your sleeping habits, guard your secret stashes, and more. Need to change a cookie’s task? Just re-assign it when the mood strikes you: the possibilities are virtually endless. If you’re away from home, Mother can send you notifications to your smartphone via text messages, emails, and even phone calls.

Mother, which retails for $222, launches this spring. The initial package will include Mother and four cookies. Pre-orders are now available on the website.

Via Techcrunch

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