Audi wants to ensure that every traffic light you hit is green

Few driving experiences are more frustrating that sitting for what seems like hours at a red light when there's no traffic anywhere near you. Audi feels your pain, so they're developing a system that will let you know how long you have before an upcoming light changes, allowing you to adjust your speed so you hit it at just the right time.

You might think that a system like this would rely on cameras scanning the road ahead to figure out the traffic light patterns, but Audi's Traffic Light Assist (TLA) is actually way more high-tech than that. Using the car's Wi-Fi and navigation systems, TLA taps into local traffic light control information, then combines that with navigation info to determine exactly what lights you are approaching. The dash display shows whether the next light is red or green, and gives you a countdown timer showing how long until it's going to change.

Whether TLA could work on a widespread basis is going to depend on how much cooperation Audi can get from the local authorities that control a city's traffic light systems. So far they have tested TLA in Berlin, Verona Italy, and now in Las Vegas. As for the rest of the world, Audi says they're working on it. Work quickly, please.

Via Autoblog

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