World's largest K'nex ball machine has over 100,000 pieces

Credit: Austron/YouTube

Do kids these days even know what K'Nex is? Back in the early to mid-1990s, way before kids begged for iPhones and iPads, geeky kids went bonkers for toys you could build things out of: Lego, Erector sets and K'Nex. If you could make awesome stuff with these construction toys, you were admired by all of the other playground youngsters.

It appears K'Nex is still alive and well. Austin Granger, "austron" on YouTube is somewhat of a K'nex aficionado. Actually, he's what'd we call the Jedi Master of K'nex. He doesn't just build things out of K'Nex; he builds really, really big things out of the plastic pieces. Austin's latest creation is the world's largest K'Nex ball machine currently located at The Works Museum in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The 100,000-piece K'Nex ball machine measures 23.5-feet tall, 40-feet long and has two lifts, three motors, eight paths, a 20-foot free-fall, an eight-foot "big-ball-factory spiral" and a 60-foot long path that hangs from the ceiling. Yowza!

Total time it takes for a ball to climb to the tallest point: 3.5 minutes. Most impressive. Most impressive indeed.

Check out the preview trailer for the creation below. Anyone want to take a stab at guessing how many hours it took to put this thing together?

Via austron (YouTube)

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