Turn your face into chocolate

Credit: Choc Edge

What’s the point of life if not to have a hunk of chocolate molded into a perfect replica of your face? For £50-£80 or about $80-$130 (either a deal or a ripoff, depending on how you view edible candy masks), you can have a sculpture of your face made from dark, milk or white chocolate by Choc Edge, a British company that specializes in printing 2D/3D chocolates.

“Everyone loves chocolate so that’s why we’ve tried to make it easy and accessible for mainstream consumers,” says Choc Edge founder Dr. Liange Haro.

Even though that quote would indicate the good doctor’s never heard of a 7-Eleven, his creation is actually extremely interesting. The 3D-printing of chocolate is a difficult task, though not an impossible one. In fact, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen faces in chocolate (wouldn’t that make for a great album title?). To do this, the company uses a custom 3D printer called the Choc Creator V1, which is available to the everyday consumer for just about $4,800. This baby can print more than just faces, but once you’ve eaten the likeness of your own nose, would you ever want to munch on anything else?

The problem with printing chocolate lies in the vein of the fiction M&Ms has been selling us for years. Chocolate, regardless of form, tends to melt in the hand and the mouth and pretty much any other warm place. 3D printers are generally incredibly warm, given that they often “print” hard materials by burning and melting them.

To create a shape (like, say, a face), the printer prints incredibly thin layers of chocolate, some as small as .05mm. These quickly harden and more chocolate can be lumped on, until it eventually creates whatever chocolate art you’re hoping to make. The printer can pretty much make any conceivable object or design out of chocolate. If you want your face temporarily memorialized in that sweet stuff, just send a picture to the company through its website (below).

But if you wanted to, say, open your own chocolate shop with unique and simple designs, the printer isn’t all that expensive (when you think of what that overhead would have been just five years ago). And that’s what’s special about this kind of technology. It’s quirky and fun to make your face out of chocolate, but it’s important for small business owners who can now open businesses they never could before.

Items like this can literally create small businesses. That’s the entire point of technology, to empower us to do things we couldn’t before, and that’s something to be hopeful for in the new year.

Choc Edge, via The Telegraph

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