'Unsolvable' hand drawn maze took seven years to complete

The Internet won't stop bombarding Japanese Twitter user Kya7y with questions on her dad. Why? Because almost 30 years ago, he created a hand drawn maze that's so detailed, even he hasn't managed to solve it. In fact, Kya7y's dad says it's probably unsolvable.

The 34 x 23.3-inch maze is garnering so much attention not only because it's one of the most complex labyrinths ever created, but because Kya7y's dad (anonymous at the moment) spent seven years working on it.

Naturally, art connoisseurs are going gaga over the maze. Kya7y says there's 50 printed copies in existence and possibly even another maze.

But perhaps the most shocking piece of the puzzle that's been shared is the dad's occupation: he's a janitor, at a public university in Japan. Feast your eyes on his amazing creation in the gallery below.

Kya7y, via Spoon & Tamago and Kotaku

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