NASA rolls out Orion capsule and Curiosity rover for inauguration

Yesterday's presidential inauguration saw nearly one million people huddled in the cold on the National Mall. Amid all the excitement, NASA showed off two of its recent achievements designed to power our collective journey beyond the boundaries of Earth and political fanfare.

Flanked by six NASA astronauts, the Orion space capsule was shown off to the public, situated on a special mobile platform and pulled along by a tractor-trailer. The Orion deep space vehicle is scheduled to undergo initial testing in 2014 and embark upon its first manned mission, carrying up to four astronauts, sometime in 2021. In addition to the Orion space capsule, NASA also showed off a replica of its Curiosity rover currently conducting surveys on the surface of Mars.

You can check video of the NASA team prepping the Curiosity rover replica for public display, as well as footage of the team during the inaugural parade in the videos below.