Elon Musk demonstrates Iron Man style fabrication interface

Credit: Youtube

For some time now, Elon Musk has been bragging that he's got prototyping and manufacturing tech that resembles the stuff seen in Tony Stark's workshop. Being that pretty much everyone would like to get their hands on Iron Man's computer, people haven't been very willing to simply take Musk's word for it. Ever the showman, Musk has created a video that demonstrates exactly how his setup functions.

What Musk has created is very cool. Armed with a Leap Motion controller and few of today's mainstay 3D display technologies, Musk really has created something that roughly resemble's the interactive displays in Iron Man — though it admittedly looks like a Mark 1 model.

In the video below, Musk takes you through the evolution of his interface. He and his team have utilized traditional displays, 3D monitors with glasses, and an Oculus Rift in turn — but it's their use of free-standing glass projection that represents the visuals of the Iron Man movies the best. Musk actually seems to like the Oculus Rift best himself, however.

Musk and his design team are able to manipulate their designs with gestures, approve them, and send them off to be 3D printed. What they don't seem to be able to do is actually design (or alter their designs) as we've seen in the movies. Still, for a first swing at the sort of awesome real-time 3D design interface that only Tony Stark can afford, Elon Musk really has done a fantastic job. Check out the video below to hear it all from the real-world billionaire genius himself.

YouTube, via TechCrunch

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