Print and scan with ZEUS: the all-in-one 3D copy machine

Credit: AIO Robotics

3D printers and scanners are awesome. They let you create real world objects in the shape of your every desire. But they do have their flaws. For instance, most 3D printers require a lot of manual maintenance and design tweaking before a model comes out of its hopper just right. ZEUS, a new 3D copy machine, aims to solve such hiccups.

In development for the last five years, ZEUS is a table-top 3D printer that also happens to house a 3D scanner and the ability to make multiple copies from the same template or send those copies as 3D faxes to other 3D printers. In short, it's a the world's first all-in-one 3D copy machine.

Featuring a plug-and-play user interface, ZEUS is also one of the easiest to use 3D printers in the world. A seven-inch touchscreen allows you to print scan or 3D fax at the touch of a button and an auto-bed leveling system makes sure that your 3D printed objects don't collapse due to an uneven print surface.

ZEUS looks poised to take its namesake's place at the top of the tabletop 3D printing heap. With 28 days left in its Kickstarter campaign, the 3D copy machine has already blown past its $100,000 funding goal. Head on over to the ZEUS project page if you'd like to snatch up one of your own.; it'll run you about $2,500, but when you consider that MakerBot is charging $2,200 for the Replicator 2 alone (and $1,400 for the Digitizer) that's practically a steal. And check out the project's promo video below to see even more of what ZEUS has to offer.

Via Kickstarter

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