Meet the Run-n-Read, a motion sensor for the treadmill enthusiast

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Stepping onto the treadmill is like condemning yourself to purgatory. You run and run and the only change in scenery you get is the gradual buildup of sweat on the back of the person on the treadmill in front of you. Trying to while away your treadmill time with a good book is equally fruitless, usually inducing more nausea than enjoyment — the bobbing of your head while trying to focus on the tiny, ever-blurrier words on the page becoming more and more fruitless until you either pass out or vomit in submission.

But do not despair, fair stationary-running bookworms, all hope is not lost for you immobile exertions. The Run-n-Read is a motion sensor that can be clipped onto either your shirt collar or that rockin' headband you've had in your workout bag since 1983. From its perch, the Run-n-Read will record the jostling of your body while simultaneously communicating with your iOS or Android tablet. And just like that, even though the world around you is still bumping along, the words on your screen will stay perfectly stationary.

And by stationary, we of course mean that they'll be bobbing along with you, in perfect sync with the stylish dongle you've got strapped to your forehead. But that's not all! No modern day device is complete without a few bells and whistles, so the Run-n-Read doubles as a pedometer and tracks the calories you've burned as well. Most importantly, it also has a handy-dandy page turning feature: simply tap your Run-n-Read once to turn to the next page of your book or double-tap to page back.

So dear reader, the next time you see someone on a treadmill staring forward intently while intermittently bashing themselves in the forehead, take heart: they're probably just reading. If all this sounds like the perfect fix to your own treadmill-induced woes, then we've (sorta) got good news for you! The Run-n-Read has just launched a crowdfunding campaign over on Dragon Innovation. Head on over to their project page to snap up your own Run-n-Read for $55, with delivery slated for January. Check out the video below for even more Run-n-Read fun.

Vimeo, via Engadget

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