Pioneer's new HUD gives drivers Terminator-style vision

Many of the Head-Up Displays (HUDs) in the market right now focus on unobtrusively giving drivers navigation information. Pioneer doesn't seem too interested in that model. Instead of being mounted on the dashboard, their NavGate SATNAV HUD hangs from the driver's visor, encompassing much of their field of view. It looks pretty cool, from a Terminator-y perspective.

However, whether actually floating ten feet in front of you or just pretending to, a 30-inch (virtual) screen takes up a sizable portion of your field of vision. With the NavGate HUD capable of displaying all kinds of augmented reality data including turn-by-turn directions, the current speed limit, a clock, and the remaining travel time and distance to your destination, it's hard to think of a time when you wouldn't want the thing powered on.

Pioneer maintains that their HUD is unobtrusive, but we're not quite so sure. In fact, the simple fact that the NavGate still isn't available in the US yet might suggest that it would have difficulty passing some of the more rigorous of our nation's driving safety laws. Then again, maybe we should count ourselves lucky, since picking up a NavGate will set Japanese and European customers back nearly $1,000. Check out the video below to see how the NavGate functions, and judge for yourself whether you'd feel a little impaired while hurtling down the highway and staring through its screen.

Via Engadget

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