Get into the game with PrioVR, a full-body VR suit

Credit: Kickstarter

Leaps and bounds have been made in VR gaming recently. Sparked by the success of the Oculus Rift, a number of VR gaming controllers and headsets have begun development. Other than the Rift itself, the most successful of these has been the Omni treadmill. Together, the two form a sort of proto-holodeck — albeit one where you're stuck in a sort of cage-thing.

If the goal of this new wave of VR gaming accessories is to allow for truly immersive gameplay, we're gonna need to use our entire bodies. The PrioVR bodysuit (now on Kickstarter) allows you to gain real-time, full-body control over an in-game character. You could conceivably even ditch the Omni treadmill and still be fully immersed in the game, at least until you ran into a wall.

What's truly impressive about the PrioVR suit is that it seems to have solved the nausea-inducing lag issues that still plague the Oculus Rift itself. If this is true, the entire VR gaming community needs to take a step back and check out how the PrioVR guys are getting the job done. After all, YEI technology (the company behind the PrioVR suit) has been in the business of manufacturing real-time inertial sensors since way back in 1999. Their tech is even used in medical and defense sectors.

That's a pretty rock solid pedigree, and it should mitigate any doubts you may have as to whether the company can deliver their product. And while we're on the subject of delivery, if you want to pick up a PrioVR bodysuit of your own, head on over to Kickstarter. There you'll find a couple of different models of PrioVR to snap up. As of right now you've still got a chance to snap up a PrioVR LITE, 11-sensor suit for $450. There's also still time to get in early on the PrioVR PRO suit, which boasts 17 sensors but will cost you $625. Both suits come as part of developer kits which also include the SDK and API you'll need to implement the PrioVR into your own projects, as well as a demo game. To see what the PrioVR bodysuit can do, check out the video below.

YEI Technology, via Kickstarter

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