Enlist swarms of tiny robots to do your cleaning

Credit: Electrolux

Chances are you've seen a report detailing the invention of insect-sized flying robots. Usually these reports have something to do with their potential uses as spy drones and the like. And while those sorts of uses definitely have their place, the designer of the Mab cleaning system has different ideas.

Adrian Perez Zapata is a 23-year-old Colombian college student who wants to make cleaning house as simple (if not as dangerous) as kicking a hornet's nest. Still a concept, his design would invite a spherical hive of tiny flying drones into your home. The hive itself is designed to function as both a charging station for the drones as well as a depository for your home's refuse.

The drones themselves are released at pre-programmed times, allowing your house cleaning to be done when it's most convenient for you. Once airborne, the drones will make multiple trips around your home, washing away grime from surfaces and then replenishing their supply of cleaning fluid from a reservoir located atop their hive. Check out the gallery below to see what the Mab system might look like when developed.

Via Electrolux Design Lab

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