Moto DVX: Cheaper Moto X with interchangeable back plates?

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

The future of Android is the Moto X. It's quite easily our favorite Android smartphone because the features Motorola included actually make sense.

Features like Active Display and Quick Capture actually add value to your smartphone experience, as opposed to silly Air Gesture gimmicks. As we noted in our review, the Moto X's co-processor, which allows the smartphone to always be listening with Google Now, feels like the future of natural computing.Customization is also a big part of the Moto X's appeal.

As great as the Moto X is, it's still priced rather conservatively — starting at $199 with a two-year contract — compared to the now sold-out Google Nexus, which used to start at $199.

Solid leaks (from Asia and the FCC), reveal Motorola is planning to release another Moto X known tentatively as the Moto DVX. Instead of the myriad of custom colors available on the Moto X, the DVX will reportedly have a swappable back-plate, offered in four colors according to PhoneArena's discovery on Weibo (China's Twitter).

A smaller screen, weaker camera and weaker speaker could all be in the cards based on the leaks, as well as the lack of LTE and NFC. But it's almost certain we'll be seeing a lower price. PhoneArena believes the DVX will come out next month.

With the leaks coming in hot, we should be hearing something on the Moto DVX soon enough.

Via Electronista

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