Finally, someone has designed a desk for the modern professional

Credit: David Wrobel

Your average desk isn't what you might call modern. Hunks of hex wrench assembled balsa, these dilapidated pieces of furniture are considered modern if they come with even one hole through which to shove your myriad of wires.

Thankfully, the era of these office supply dinosaurs is finally coming to an end. One of the handful of people working to make this change happen is David Wrobel, designer of the Paradise Desk. In Wrobel's view, your desk should act as an extension of your computer hardware, not an obstacle to be cleared. That's why he's constructed the Paradise Desk to fit your computing needs like a glove.

Featuring a carbon fiber vinyl surface, the desk itself is constructed from brushed steel. It houses a whopping seven strategically-placed USB 3.0 ports, DVI and HDMI monitor ports, as well as front-mounted audio plugs. All of these ports are connected, through one of the desk's legs, to your tower, seated upon its own little perch beneath the desk. A handy, centrally-located drawer houses ports through which you can connect your keyboard and mouse as well as their cords.

If you like working from multiple devices at once, there are four power outlets located near the back of the desk to provide you with the juice your tablets, smartphones or other devices may need. The Paradise Desk is also backlit to reduce eye strain.

The Paradise desk will eventually retail for $399, but if you want to reserve yours early, you can pick one up for $349 through Wrobel's Kickstarter project page here. As of this article's writing, the project has already cleared its first stretch goal — adding the aforementioned HDMI port — and is almost at its second stretch goal, which will add an eighth USB 3.0 port to the final design. Check out the video below to take a gander at the Paradise that could be your next desk.

Via Kickstarter

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