Rumor: Sony working on virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

The rise of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset has been nothing short of mind-blowing. Ask anyone who's tried it on before and the answer will be the same: it's amazing.

Sony's PlayStation 4 is an impressive console. It pushes more polygons with impressive specs that give it a 10x performance boost over the soon-to-be old PlayStation 3. The PS4 also supports 4K-resolution content, although no 4K-resolution games have been announced, yet.

One thing it doesn't do — at least, it hasn't been announced — is virtual reality. We've known for a while that Sony's been fooling around with the Oculus Rift. Shuhei Yoshida, PlayStation poster boy and Sony Computer Entertainment head of Worldwide Studios, has addressed the company's fondness for it.

According to a new Eurogamer report, Sony is working internally on its own VR headset for PS4 and has demoed it with upcoming PS4 racing game DriveClub. The gaming publication claims Sony will announced the VR device in 2014.

Sony's no stranger to head-mounted displays. In the past, it's released two generations of the Sony Personal 3D Viewer, and at this week's IFA tradeshow, the company announced the third-generation model, with a wireless option, lighter form factor and HD audio.

The company was also a big proponent of 3D and motion tracking with the original PlayStation Eye Toy camera and PlayStation Move for PS3. It woudn't be out of the ordinary for Sony to be interested in developing its own Oculus Rift competitor.

New technologies, higher resolution screens and advanced head-tracking have all but fixed the flaws that once plagued virtual reality. After 3D's failure, it's clear that virtual reality is the next step towards total entertainment immersion. Unlike 3D, virtual reality has spacial depth; it feels like you're in a completely digital world — Matrix-style.

With no concrete timeframe for the Oculus Rift's official launch (dev kits don't count as consumer-ready products), only that it'll be released when the timing for adequate hardware and software align, Sony could swoop in and steal the little startup's thunder.

Via Eurogamer

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