Food printer concept converts 2D doodles into 3D edibles

Credit: Electrolux

Imagine having the opportunity to create something awe-inspiring — three square meals a day. That's the promise that the Atomium makes with anyone who eventually gets their hands on one. With it you'll be able to print everything from cakes shaped like your favorite action figures to burgers that resemble those awesome sketches you worked up during history class.

Still a concept, the Atomium will eventually be equipped with a 3D imaging camera and software capable of creating 3D objects out of 2D renderings. The user interface will focus on simplicity above all else. Ingredients can be loaded into individual containers housed in the Atomium's feet and the finished food sculptures can be retrieved from it's head. It's so simple that even a child can use it.

And that's the whole point of the Atomium. It allows anyone and everyone to create the foodstuffs of their dreams. Atomium is currently a semifinalist in the Electrolux design lab competition. Though there are many innovative concepts in the competition, we're hoping that the Atomium makes it to production. Maybe then we'll be able to market our line of Firefly-themed gummies.

Via Electrolux

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