Image of the Day: All of Facebook

As of some point in the recent past, there were 1,258,244,934 users on Facebook. This is a picture of all of their profile pictures, all at once, in order of who signed up first. You're probably in there, but good luck: if you spend half a second looking at every picture, we're talking twenty years of non-stop trying to find yourself. So unless you were one of the first few dozen people to sign up, or you're incredibly self-actualized, we would advise not bothering.

Faces of Facebook isn't just an image; it's a browsable, zoomable website designed by Natalia Rojas that you can explore, if you want to creepily stalk random people. So in a way, this is exactly the essence of what Facebook is all about.

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Faces of Facebook, via Designboom

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