Get a Luke's-eye view of the Death Star with Oculus Rift

Credit: Boone Calhoun

If you've ever wondered what it felt like to barrel down the Death Star's trench with nothing but a few laser guns to defend you, then strap on your Oculus Rift and hop into the pilot's seat. Developed by Boone Calhoun, Trench Run has a few Rift-specific gameplay features that Luke himself probably would have enjoyed having in his own X-wing.

Once you've started your run, wherever you look, your targeting reticle follows. Targeting a gun turret is as simple as turning your head and pressing fire. On top of that, looking up or down will actually steer your starfighter in the same direction, so dodging pillars and the like is a snap.

The game is still just a demo, so a few features are missing. First of all, there's no Darth Vader nipping at your heels and shooting down your wingmen. Second, the trench itself never ends. While that lets you play as long as you can survive, it also means that you'll never get the satisfaction of loosing a torpedo and seeing the whole place go up in flames behind you.

Still, demo or not, this Trench Run looks like a lot of fun. Grab your R2-D2 and get flying!

Via Youtube

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