Futuristic truck concept gamefies long hauls

Semi trucks aren't usually the sort of vehicle you think about when you envision the world of tomorrow. They're boxy and noisy and just plain boring — most of the time. But once in a while a designer comes around and turns something boring on its head. In the world of semi truck design, Ehsan Parandin has done just that.

Parandin has dubbed his concept the Turan, and its radical redesigns begin with a fully intelligent windshield. Information ranging from current weather conditions and fuel consumption to weight allowances and clearance heights on that upcoming overpass. The information is displayed unobtrusively across the massive screen, allowing drivers a clear view of the road.

With a screen like that, you might think that a trucker wouldn't need much else in the way of tech. Need, however, isn't the same as wanting — and you'd be hard pressed to find a trucker who wouldn't appreciate a sweet driver's chair like the one in the Turan. Looking like something across between a Star Trek captain's chair and something out of the Alien movies, this chair does away with the steering wheel altogether, replacing it with tandem steering controls straight out of the air force. There are also another two displays on snaking, adjustable arms, a pair of data-gathering sensors, and even a cup holder (can't miss that one).

The design also includes a park assist system, a lightweight composite trailer and some pretty crazy snake-like aerodynamic styling. Parandin has also included a hybrid diesel engine in his work-up of the Turan, which should help with the cost of those long drives. If we're very lucky, trucks like these will be barreling down the highway in the future.

Issuu, via Yanko Design

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