Dutch students shatter world 0-60 accelaration record for EVs

Credit: DUT Racing

A team of students from the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands just brought the electric vehicle 0-60 world acceleration record crashing down. Their race car, the DUT 13, actually shaved over a full half-second off of the previous record time of 2.68 seconds.

Weighing in at just 320 pounds, the DUT 13 is an incredibly lightweight racer, especially when you consider that it's got four-wheel drive. A system of small electric motors was used to set the new record, each of which only generates 33 horsepower. Working together, however, the little buggers were capable of putting out a grand total of 135 horsepower, or to put it more dramatically: nearly one horsepower per 2.2 pounds of the DUT 13's weight.

That power to weight ratio was enough to blow past the acceleration record, reaching 62.14 miles per hour in just 2.15 seconds. You can see the record-breaking attempt for yourself in the video below. With performance like this, electric vehicles just might soon gain new levels of respect in auto-racing circles, maybe.

Youtube, via Phys.org

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