Ship makes its own internal waves to counteract ocean swells

If you tend to get seasick the minute you step onto a ship, this new development could turn you into a happy seafarer after all.

The ship will fight fire with fire, by using a set of internal water tanks to generate waves that move out of phase with the ocean swells that are rocking the ship. As you can see in the video of models testing the system, the ship with the extra water tanks shows only vertical piston-like movement, while the standard ship rocks and rolls with the waves. I know which one I'd rather be on.

The catch is that the system works only when the ship is stationary, so its first use will be for a so-called hotel ship that sits next to an offshore drilling platform to house the workers. Currently most offshore oil workers are housed on semi-submersible platforms, but the wave-fighting ship will provide more mobile accommodations that can easily be moved to wherever it is needed.

Developed by a Norwegian company called Hoppe Marine working with Marintek, the ship is currently under construction in South Korea, and should be ready in 2015.

Marintek, via Wired

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