Custom, 3D-printed, tech clothing spotted at Maker Faire

Credit: Colin Druce-McFadden/Dvice

Earlier this year, Dita Von Teese caught just about everyone's eye when she appeared wearing a custom-shaped 3D printed gown. Now, thanks to some inspired 3D printing designers, you too can grab a piece of custom-printed apparel, made just for you.

One such designer is Aaron Trocola, the man behind ThreeForm Fashion. Trocola has been hard at work for a couple of years now, designing customer-specific 3D printed wearables. We caught up with him at the recent New York Maker Faire to chat about where he's taking his sci-fi fashions next.

When we found Trocola, his booth was beset by a horde of customers and oglers. That's to be expected, though, as some of ThreeForm Fashion's corsets are a little on the skimpy side. However, what hardly any of the booth's peeps noticed was what Trocola himself was wearing upon his head. What appeared to be a simple 3D printed skullcap was actually an unfinished prototype of ThreeForm Fashion's latest concept: tech-inclusive 3D printed clothing.

The skullcap, which featured a pair of vents at its crown and a matching pair of openings at its front, is in the process of being outfitted with a working, mechanical ventilation system. Once completed, the skullcap will actively draw air over the top of its wearer's head, providing a breeze on even the warmest of summer days.

The skullcap wasn't the only techie work in progress featured at the ThreeForm Fashion booth. Also on hand was a circlet, printed to house a video camera plundered from a smartphone. There's no telling quite when either will be completed or how you can expect to interface with them, but the idea of clothing that not only fits you like a personalized exoskeleton but also houses your electronics is something we'll keep a weather eye out for.

Something tells us that Aaron Trocola won't keep us waiting for long. For a better look at ThreeForm Fashion's designs, tech-inclusive and otherwise, check out the gallery below. To order one of Trocola's designs for yourself, head on over to ThreeForm Fashion's website here.

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