This light bulb is also a flashlight

Credit: MOMA Store

I’ll be honest: when a 15-year-old invented a flashlight that runs off human body heat, I sort of figured we were done with flashlight-related technology. I mean, c’mon! But New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) is now selling an exclusive product that might just be the most useful thing created for power outages: a flashlight that charges itself by acting as an LED light bulb.

It’s fittingly called the Bulb Flashlight, and its LED light bulb will last for 60,000 hours when attached to a lamp, equating to 2,500 days or almost seven uninterrupted years. When you take it out of a lamp, its integrated battery provides light for about three hours at a time.

Scatter a few of these around the house in your lamps and that should last through pretty much any natural power-stealing disaster we can think of. Not to mention you won’t have a change a lamp’s bulb for seven years. Just $45 seems like a solid price for that much light.

MOMA, via Gizmodo

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