The electric skateboard returns, and it's more powerful than ever

Credit: ZBoard

Last year, the ZBoard made a big splash when it raised over a quarter of a million dollars for its debut electric skateboard. This year, the company is aiming to up the ante with a brand new, tricked out model. Inspired by the hilly terrain of the San Francisco Bay Area and the free spirited folks that live there, this is the ZBoard San Francisco Special.

All the traditional ZBoard features are still intact in this beefy orange board, but you'll also notice a few extra bells and whistles. First off, the SF Special has a bigger battery than even the ZBoard Pro — something it aims to put to good use. That's because the SF Special is more than your average electric skateboard: it's a hill-climber. Even the notoriously steep Lombard Street is no match for it.

On top of the added muscle, the team at ZBoard have decked out their new creation with LED headlights and tail lights. They've upped its range as well. When the SF Special isn't cresting monster hills, its got a 20 mile range. In a city like SF, that range will dip to 14 miles, but that should still be enough to get you across town on the coolest deck out there. Coolest, that is, until the Hill Valley Special shows up.

You can pick up the current champ for $1,199 over at ZBoard's Dragon Innovation page. To check out the SF Special in action, take a peek at the video below.

Dragon Innovation, via Engadget

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