Caterham concept buggy goes on sale next year

For a long while Caterham Cars has been content with recreating vintage roadsters. Their cars are well-suited for the occasional weekend joyride, but they aren't what you might call futuristic. All that is set to change.

The Caterham AeroSeven concept is a wild departure from the classic headlamps and Lotus-esque frames of the last 40 years of Caterham design. The carbon fiber frame is married to a 2-liter, 4-cylinder Ford Duratec engine that, thanks to the vehicle's light weight, is powerful enough to get thisroadster from zero to 60 in less than four seconds. It's little wonder that the roadster features a serious roll cage and five-point, race inspired seat belts.

To compliment the power under the hood, the dash plays home to a fully-interactive, real-time 3D display. There's also a steering wheel-mounted Engine Management System, offering a power-boosting passing mode and a speed limiter for your pit stops. LED headlights, brake lights, and an array of colorful running lights round out the AeroSeven's futuristic look.

Unlike most concept cars that come down the pike, Caterham will begin selling these awesome little roadsters next year. But be warned, one thing that the AeroSeven doesn't come equipped with is a windshield, so be prepared to break out your driving goggles. Check out the gallery below to get a better look at the new face of Caterham Cars.

Caterham Cars, via Gizmag

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