Capsule car concept is designed for some serious alone time

Credit: Yanko Design

Sometimes it feels like the work week will never end. By the time the weekend finally arrives, your stress levels have taken you well beyond the simple restorative powers of a beer and a ballgame on the ol' boob tube. You need to get away, and designer Jason Chen has just the vehicle to whisk you away to parts unknown: a Mercedes-Benz escape pod.

Chen's concept capsule car (say that three times fast) has just enough space for you and your suitcase. That's right: there's no room for your loved ones, or even man's best friend. There aren't even front or rear windows, so the rest of the world can't bother you. Okay, so technically you'll have front and rear facing cameras, but with the auto industry jumping whole-hog into the race for the autonomous car, you can be sure that this sucker is designed to get you where you're going without too much of your help.

The capsule car is powered by four electric motors, each housed in one of the vehicle's wheels. While these will likely help with maneuverability, they could certainly put a damper on your escape pod's range, unless this thing is powered by a new generation of super-batteries, that is.

Until that possible future day when the personal escape pod actually rolls off the assembly line, we'll all have to remain satisfied with flights of fancy. To fuel your dreams of escape, check out the gallery below and catch a glimpse of the getaway car that might be.

Via Yanko Design

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