HP ENVY 17 is the first-ever Leap Motion controlled laptop

Credit: HP

It's finally here: HP has unveiled its newest laptop, the ENVY 17 Leap Motion Special Edition, the result of a collaboration that was first announced in April. This is the first notebook that uses the gesture-based Leap Motion tech. The tiny finger-sized tracking sensor means it can be easily embedded in a variety of devices, certainly a useful precursor for future Leap Motion collaborations. Of course, the laptop is outfitted with the latest Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics, and has a 17.3-inch diagonal optional full HD display for the full motion-monty.

The HP ENVY Leap Motion SE notebook will cost $1,049.99 and will include multiple Leap Motion-ready software apps for a variety of interests. These include the Swoosh music mixer, GecoMIDI music maker and GameWAVE video game motion control that allows players to use gestures and motion to control their favorite games. Fruit Ninja workout anyone?

Leap Motion also made its interface kid-friendly with educational tools such as TVOKids Catepillar Count, which teaches tots how to count, and Molecules, which allows for the manipulation of 3D molecules. It can also be used with Google Earth for an interactive geographical experience.

The ENVY 17 Leap Motion SE will land on shelves in the next few weeks in time for the holidays, which will surely delight existing fans of the 3D motion-control technology and probably win over curious consumers. The Leap Motion Controller was first launched in July to positive consumer reception, allowing its Airspace Store to expand to over 100 available titles and over 1 million app downloads.

The release of this motion-controlled laptop sets the tech scene for future motion-ready gadgets and new ways to connect with our devices. Commercial availability and affordability of motion-sensing software means other companies may very well release similar technologies of its own.

Via Leap Motion

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