Concept: Futuristic electric tricycles as commuter vehicles

Credit: Behance

More than ever before, the future of transportation is wide open. Hybrids and electric vehicles have finally gained their rightful place on the road beside conventional automobiles, with ever more radical designs going into production every year.

In no corner of the automotive market has there been more innovation than in the arena of the commuter vehicle. Designed in the spirit of Toyota's i-ROAD and the Renault Twizy, the nThree is a low-cost electric tricycle that will have you zipping around town in style.

The three-wheeled nThree is powered by a single built-in electric engine that drives power to the rear wheel. Steering the nThree is as simple as a turn of the wheel, but in practice is meant to function more like a motorcycle — the two front wheels tilting as they turn to provide a tighter turning radius. The frame's design is lightweight yet sturdy, having been modeled on the natural strength of a bird's beak.

Though it looks like a pricey adaptation of Tron: Legacy's light cycle designs, the nThree is actually meant to cost a fraction of other similar vehicles. Costs are hoped to be kept closer to the electric bicycle range than that of even the more budget-conscious commuter vehicles out there. Check out the gallery below to get a better view of the nThree in all it's conceptual glory.

Behance, via Yanko Design

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