Welcome to your new self-sustaining mountain lair

Credit: Groupe-H

High in the Alps there sits a glistening hideaway, equipped to shelter those crazy enough to seek it out. By using the snow and light surrounding it, this refuge can lend power and warmth to those within its walls into perpetuity. In short, it's the perfect secret lair from which to stage your nefarious schemes.

This place is called the Refuge du Gouter, which translates roughly to a "taste of refuge." As the place is dominated by the surrounding landscape, it's easy to take its name literally and assume that the Refuge du Gouter is a small, bare-bones hovel. Don't believe it. The Refuge du Gouter is a 2,300 square foot complex capable of housing up to 120 henchmen — er, people. It provides heat and electricity to its denizens via two separate banks of solar panels and clean water is created from melted snow.

Named after the chasm it's perched atop, the taste of refuge plays home to those seeking to climb to the peak of Mont Blanc, the European Union's highest peak. But who needs a bunch of rag-tag climbers when you can lord over all of western Europe with your dastardly sidekick at your arm. Get a better view of your new lair in the gallery below.

Groupe-H, via Designboom

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