Google unshackles Glass from pricey tethering plans

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

Unless you plan to use Google Glass exclusively on Wi-Fi or as a camera, you're going to need a mobile data tethering plan in order to pipe the Internet through it. Correction: you previously needed a tethering plan.

A new Google Glass XE9 update reportedly strips away the need for a data tethering plan. This is great news for Google Glass owners as it lowers the monthly cost to ownership. Besides weak battery life, one of the biggest dislikes about Glass is that users have to pay up to their wireless carriers just to connect the wearable device to a smartphone or tablet for cellular Internet access.

First noticed by Google+ user Nick Starr, the tweak reportedly allows data to be sent through the MyGlass companion app without Wi-Fi tethering. Although many tech publications are reporting the new change, it's unclear if this feature will face resistance from wireless carriers (they're the guys who are losing out on each Glass users's tether fee).

Google has yet to update its Glass support page with the feature. But for what it's worth, we hope the change isn't a fluke, seeing as how Glass itself is already expensive enough.

Google Glass is currently available only as a "beta" product to select developers and users. Although Explorer Edition models cost a whopping $1,500, retail pairs will likely cost much lower. Glass' public launch was originally slated for later this year, but it's now expected to arrive by next year.

Via Nick Starr's Google+

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