Teen creates exoskeleton glove

There exists a growing use for exoskeletons outside of science fiction. It’s something Charalampos Ioannou noticed when he watched his grandmother trying to use a remote control, just to have it slip from her fingers. So, taking a cue from the aforementioned genre, Ioannou set out to make an exoskeleton glove that could help his grandmother.

And that’s exactly what he did, earning one of 15 spots at the international Google Science Fair competition.

Here’s how it works: it’s a metallic prosthetic glove that fits over the hand and helps support the movement of said hand. It’s perfect for folks with upper-hand disabilities who have lost the ability to fully grasp or hold things. It can be controlled by the kinetic stimulus of the user, meaning it’ll work like a natural hand, and it can distinguish between the strength needed for various tasks (i.e. it can be used for hammering and for picking up a delicate egg).

Ioannou, who is (to date) the youngest speaker at the Athens TEDx conference, is 17 years old.

Watch him explain the glove in detail in the video below.

Google Science Fair, via Ekathimerini

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