Step up your VR gaming rig with the Sixense STEM

Credit: Sixense

VR gaming is all about the quest to find the most immersive, life-like style of gameplay ever. It's a goal that has been attacked from a number of directions and encompasses many a differing playstyle. Sixense, the developers behind the crazy-accurate Razer Hydra controller, have created a new VR sensor system that puts you more inside the game than they've ever made possible before.

Comprised of two wireless controllers and three clip-on sensors, the STEM System allows you to take full, bodily control over your in-game avatar. The controllers contain motion tracking sensors for your character's hands as well as an array of controls. There's a trigger, a healthy compliment of buttons, a bumper, and an analog joystick. On top of all those controls, you'll also receive haptic feedback from each controller.

The remaining three motion sensors are meant to be clipped to each of your legs and either your torso or head (depending on the rest of your VR gaming rig). They'll give you the same haptic feedback that the controllers do, bringing much of your body into the tactile experience of the game for the first time.

Each module will run on rechargeable batteries and can dock at the STEM System's base for quick recharging. When in use, the STEM System base communicates with each sensor via a unique, very accurate electromagnetic wireless connection. Latency is reportedly less than 10 milliseconds, giving the player a very cool real-time gaming experience. Having already raised a whopping $500,000 through their Kickstarter campaign, you can rest assured that Sixense will deliver on the STEM System come next summer. Head on over to the project page to reserve one of your own for $350 for the whole five-sensor system, and for more details, check out the video below.

Via Kickstarter

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