DARPA just proposed an ocean-based version of Skynet

Credit: Warner Bros.

DARPA has declared the beginning of what it's calling the Hydra project. Far from being a dastardly organization of Red Skull's followers, Hydra is actually an ocean-based network of drones. Citing force reductions and "vast regions of interest around the globe," DARPA means to employ an ocean-wide network of autonomous craft to supplement the US Navy.

DARPA program manager Scott Littlefield has grand designs for the project. He envisions a network of drones which are capable of both surveilance and carrying out military action on their own. In Littlefield's own words:

"An unmanned technology infrastructure staged below the oceans’ surface could relieve some of that resource strain and expand military capabilities in this increasingly challenging space."

Working in tandem with aerial drones and manned vessels, Hydra drones would be submarine vehicles capable of launching smart weapons and even more drones from beneath the ocean's surface. If this sort of omni-present military system proves itself at sea, similar networks could be considered on land, possibly even ones that replace DARPA's Hydra drones with terminators. Happy Friday the 13th — we're all doomed.

DARPA, via Gizmag

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