Homes stacked like seashells could shape the city of tomorrow


More and more it seems, urban areas and city centers are choking with tiny, dark apartments. Residents of these areas have to settle for less light and less space than they would like, simply to live in the area they prefer.

Ofir Menachem, anarchitectural student studying atTel Aviv University, has come up with a possible solution for the crush of humanity that plagues city centers. Wildly futuristic and based in the past, Menachem's design calls for sloping hills made up of homes. To create his vision, Menachem merged the existing cityscape of one of the world's oldest and most well-known meccas — Jerusalem — with the aesthetic of piled-up seashells.

The result is an undulating heap of swooping balconies and rooftops, separated by stairways and public spaces. While space is still at a premium in his design, each dwelling retains multiple windowed sides and their own outdoor space. The design is called Digital Costructive Shell and you can take a tour of what it might look if it's ever constructed in the video below. We're not saying that better community planning could solve the struggles that the Middle East faces, but a little personal space never hurt anybody.

Youtube, via Yanko Design

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