Microsoft Surface RT 2 specs leaked

Credit: etrend

The specs for Microsoft's Surface RT 2 have been leaked before its rumored release on September 23, according to Windows rumor site Neowin. New features for the second model appear to include a Tegra 4 CPU, a Haswell Core i5, increased RAM, a "refined" two-step kickstand, and 1080p resolution, among other upgrades.

As many readers will recall, the original Microsoft Surface products did not score well with consumers: the first model, Surface RT, suffered from poor reviews and sat on store shelves while Microsoft hopefuls waited on the next model, the Surface Pro. But even when the pricey Pro arrived, it still didn't sell well, costing the tech company an unprecedented $900 million.

This lead to a considerable price slash: the RT is currently selling around $349, down from $499, while the 64 gig Surface Pro is $799, down a permanent $100 from $899. Pricing has not been confirmed for the newest model yet, though Microsoft would be wise to stick to a slightly lower price since their tablet luck hasn't been as smooth as their dance moves.

Compared to current tablet market offerings, the new Surface sounds like quite an upgrade. One of the gripes consumers had with the last two Surface tablets was the short battery life, but since this new model features a Haswell chip, the battery efficiency should be improved significantly. And the rumored battery-powered keyboard cover, called the Power Cover, will supply even more power to the portable package in the upcoming Surface Pro 2 model. We'll see what's what in just a few weeks.

Via Neowin and PC World

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