Interactive table turns eating into a video game challenge

Although we're currently in the golden age of foodies where artisanal cuisine is prized and the popular hipster of obsessively snapping photos of your dinner plate is now common everywhere, some of us are still gluttonous speed eaters. Let's face it: eating has become a sport, and it's about time that someone came up with a new gaming construct that makes chowing down even more fun.

Created by Royal College of Art students Sures Kumar and Lana Z. Porter, Pixelate is a game that uses an interactive dinner table to allow you to compete against another eater to see who can eat the items on a plate in the correct order the fastest. Developed using OpenFrameworks and Arduino, the game features a large white table that sort of looks like a giant old-school iPod, with two forks plugged in at opposite sides of the table. Be the first to eat all of the items in the order that the table tells you to, and you win.

The way the game determines who has eaten what and how much is by detecting resistance pressures on the connected forks. Pixelate does sound pretty juvenile, but once you get a look at the onscreen gaming graphics, real-time responsiveness, and achievement prompts for every mouthful swallowed, it's clear that this is a real game that many of use would guiltily love to play.

Although Pixelate was recently put on public display at an event in London, the developers don't appear to have plans to make the game a commercial product. This leaves us hungry and disappointed, but you can partially sate yourself through the demo video below.

Via Core77

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