Darth Vader's Death Star holographic globe comes to iOS

While there are solutions out there to give a you cheap and easy holographic experience, in labs around the world, developers are working on a number of different ways to bring us the kind of holograms seen in sci-fi films into real life. However, a group of tinkerers has revealed a unique approach to the challenge of putting holographic images in our homes and offices by using one of the most iconic holograms of all time: the Star Wars Death Star.

Developed as a group project at the School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds, U.K., the POV Globe offers a vibrant and animated circular display housed in a glass globe, essentially giving off the effect of a holographic image. The visual effect is facilitated by a ring of RGB LEDs rotating at 300 revolutions per minute.

At the center of the device is a Raspberry Pi controller outfitted with a custom FPGA-based HDMI decoder. Once the LED ring speeds up the image projected isn't in high-definition, but it offers one of the closest looks at a readily available hologram-like experience we've seen.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of the device is that fact that its display is controlled from an app that can be installed on iOS devices. You can take a look at a few other images of the POV Globe in the gallery below.

Via Adafruit

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