Xbox One 'Day One' edition unboxed three months early

Credit: Microsoft

Can't wait for the Xbox One? Neither could Microsoft. Larry Hryb, Microsoft's Director of Programming for Xbox Live, better known to gamers as "Major Nelson", jumped the gun on an unboxing video in hopes of drumming up anticipation for the next-gen console.

Major Nelson also gives a full rundown of all of the ports and hardware features located on the "liquid black" Xbox One. And here's something new that we didn't know about: the Xbox One has a Kensington security slot for you to keep it locked down. (The Xbox 360 S, not to be confused with the new redesigned Xbox 360 E, also has one, but we didn't notice it.)

Now, on to what's inside the "Day One" edition box for the Xbox One:

  • Xbox One
  • Kinect
  • "4K-rated" HDMI cable
  • Xbox One controller
  • Xbox One sticker (very important!)
  • Xbox One Chat headset
  • Power supply brick
  • Exclusive digital exclusive code

The most shocking (or not shocking) revelation is Microsoft has once again chosen to use an external power supply "brick", as opposed to integrating it internally. It's not a huge complaint, but it's still rather annoying, considering Sony has always integrated it within the PS3 console, and will do so again in the relatively small (compared to Xbox One) PlayStation 4.

On another note, which is more upsetting news for the Xbox camp: recording video footage on the Xbox One via the built-in DVR will require an Xbox Live Gold subscription. PS4 gamers will not need a PSN subscription in order to record and upload game footage. The Xbox One also only records the last five minutes of gameplay versus 15 minutes on the PS4. Any way you slice it, PS4 comes out on top in regards to sharing gameplay videos.

The full unboxing video follows below. You can also find our hands-on impressions of the Xbox One from E3 here.

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