Meet the sexy new sci-fi Audi from 'Ender's Game'

Credit: Audi

Audi has a penchant for designing futuristic concept cars and sticking them in movies. Will Smith got one in I, Robot and Robert Downey Jr. seems to have driven a whole fleet of Audi's best and brightest throughout the Iron Man series. So of course the long-awaited sci-fi epic Ender's Game has a futuristic Audi to call its own.

Dubbed the "Fleet Shuttle Quattro," the new Audi does stand apart from the rest of Audi's concepts in at least one major way: it was never built. The Fleet Shuttle Quattro exists only on paper and in CG. But that won't stop us from wanting one. Audi has at once created a concept that is undeniably unique and definitely still an Audi. Check out the gallery below for a few more tantalizing looks at this super-sleek Audi of tomorrow before Ender's Game hits theaters on November 1.

Via Audi

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