Holho turns your tablet into a kind of holographic display

Although a lot of projects are coming close, we still don't really have widespread use of the kind of Princess Leia-style holograms seen in Star Wars. But as we get closer to perfecting our holographic displays there are some stand-ins that can temporarily fill the void with satisfying technical trickery.

One such development is called the Holho, a device that lets you create hologram-like displays using your smartphone or tablet. The pyramid structure features a reflective surface that takes an image on your tablet or smartphone and divides it into four images that are projected onto the surfaces of the pyramid, thus giving off the appearance of a holographic image.

And while it's not exactly breakthrough technology, as we all move past the first phase of tablet and smartphone adoption and trade up to more powerful models, this offers a great solution for repurposing your old tablet or smartphone as a 3D-style display. The Holho app allows users to create their own images, with the only restriction being that the image must be shot against a black background to enhance the effect.

As part of its Kickstarter campaign the company is offering a number of different variations in terms of size and pricing, but so far the best one I've seen looks to be the standard Holho Pyramid for a 10-inch tablet, which has an early adopter price of $55 and comes with a sample video. You can check out how the device works in the video below.

Via Kickstarter

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